Editor/author Editor/author of the UNCTAD Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements

Editor/author of the UNCTAD Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements - Sequels:

  1. -Transparency: A Sequel (United Nations, 2013)

  2. -Expropriation: A Sequel (United Nations, 2012) with Alejandro Faya Rodriguez and Sergey Ripinsky

  3. -Fair and Equitable Treatment: A Sequel (United Nations, 2011) with Peter Muchlinski and Sergey Ripinsky

  4. -Scope and Definition: A Sequel (United Nations, 2011)

  5. -Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment: A Sequel (United Nations, 2010) with Alejandro Faya Rodriguez

  6. -Investor-State Dispute Settlement : A Sequel (United Nations, forthcoming 2013) with Andrea Bjorklund and Sergey Ripinsky

  7. -The UNCTAD Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements 1st Edition (United Nations, 1998-2005)


  1. -Case Commentary on RSM v. St Lucia in Journal on International Investment and Trade 1- 2015.

  2. -Say No to fragmentation of international investment law – A global appellate system is necessary, Columbia FDI Perspective

  3. -Fordham paper on Rules on Investor-State Mediation : A comparison, Fordham, 2014.

  4. -Chapter on The Effectiveness of the ICSID Mechanism on Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Enforcement of Investment Treaty Awards, J. Fouret ed. (Globe Law and Business)

  5. -Chapter - Introduction to the BIICL Publication on Regional Investment Treaties

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  19. -“The Growing Diversity and Inconsistency in the IIA System,” Appeals Mechanisms in International Investment Disputes in K. Sauvant ed. (2008)


Other publications:

  1. -Alternatives to Investor-State Dispute Settlement - II (United Nations, 2011) with Susan Franck

  2. -Investor-State Disputes: Prevention and Alternatives to Arbitration (United Nations, 2010) with Jan Knoerich

  3. -Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1995-2006: Trends in investment rulemaking (United Nations, 2006) with Roberto Echandi



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